Magic Santa Letters Raise Funds For Ronald McDonald House Charities

The founder of the popular Magic Santa Letter, Nick Stacey, has chosen to partner with a charity very dear to his heart to benefit from the personal letters that children will receive from Santa this year.

Ronald McDonald House Charities was a refuge for Nick’s family, providing free ‘home away from home accommodation’ for as long as they needed when his son Aiden was two and then when he had pioneering heart operation at the age of five.

Magic Santa

Now, those who want to enhance the excitement of Christmas for a little one through sending a personal letter to them from Santa, will have the option of adding one pound in a tick-box at the online checkout, which will go to help more families with a sick child have somewhere free to stay next to their child in hospital.

The Suffolk based family business, The Original Magic Santa Letter Company, is going from strength to strength. Having sold 13,000 letters from their kitchen table last year, Nick and his partner Emma, have expanded to new office premises from where they are about to launch a major international and national campaign, having attracted large players in support.

Already plans are in place for eye-catching online promotions taking one to the website; for a fun and easy-to-use choice of authentic letters to delight a little one for Christmas.

So passionate is Nick about the charity that for one week in the lead up to Christmas he will make a corporate donation from the sale of letters during those seven days.

Magic Santa. Nick Stacey

Nick Stacey says: “I don’t know how we would have survived without the Ronald McDonald House close to the hospital. The family environment was so important to us and gave us the opportunity to switch off. They even accommodated the parents of my partner, Emma.

“Our daughter, Olivia, who was two at the time, was able to see her brother and then go and play with other children. We could cook dinner and keep up a sense of normality, besides being on call for Aiden and his consultants.

“We could never have managed otherwise – living so far away. That’s why we want more people to know about the charity – which needs support to continue to maintain existing Houses and build more amazing Houses like the one we stayed in.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities has 14 Ronald McDonald Houses across the UK which in 2016 provided free accommodation to over 7,000 families.

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