Mankind At The Brighton Fringe 2017

Mankind is a local charity based in Hove, working with men who have experienced sexual abuse at any time in their lives. 

They consider sexual abuse to be a community issue and have set up a Community Squared campaign to raise awareness of men that have been victims of unwanted sexual experiences ( The focus of this campaign is on changing the way we all talk about the sexual abuse of men so that men are able to speak out earlier and the community is able to hear and respond appropriately.

As part of this, last year, Mankind premiered GROOMED at the Brighton Fringe.  Written by a Mankind client, Patrick Sandford, GROOMED was the Cinderella success of the Fringe receiving excellent reviews ( and sweeping the board at the Fringe Awards (

This success made it clear that using a mixture of theatre and true life story can be a powerful way of engaging the community in the issue – and so, this year they are returning with two entirely new productions that use this format to bring this difficult issue to the public eye.

Patrick Sandford returns with his follow up to GROOMED.  More a companion piece than a sequel, this newly commissioned production asks the question, ‘How do we know when we are happy?’ and presents an uplifting exploration of ways we can all transcend trauma, and learn to love life.

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After last years Fringe, they were approached by local theatre company Speak Up Act Out to co-develop a piece around the difficulties male survivors have in being heard.  Based on true-life stories, BETWEEN YOU and ME is an exciting new piece of exploratory theatre exposing the social stereotypes around male sexual abuse.

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