New Ecology And Citizenship Classes To Expand The Brighton Waldorf School Curriculum Offer

Last year was a time of transformation for The Brighton Waldorf School. It celebrated its 35 Year Anniversary in the City, transitioned from one inspection body to Ofsted and made ground-breaking internal improvements to its IT infrastructure to deliver better efficiency in the Quality of Education, Teaching & Learning Assessment, Lesson Planning and School Pupils Reports.

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate – The Brighton Waldorf School

But the changes do not stop there. With the start of the new academic year fast approaching, the School’s Senior Leadership Team has put new staffing and syllabus arrangements in place to expand and support the School’s curriculum offer.

Commenting on the new additions to the prospectus, School Director, Damian Mooncie said: “We have had a busy summer and, from September, will be introducing two new learning programmes – Global Citizenship and Ecology. These two new subjects will support and enliven our pupils’ understanding of the community both locally and globally in which they live. In addition, we will be initiating our International Students Programme which will give visiting, overseas Waldorf pupils an unmatched opportunity to experience the diverse and creative culture in both Brighton and London.”

Brighton Waldorf School Waldorf 100 celebration. School Director Damian Mooncie and Linda Krispel-Samsel (7), a class 1 pupil, placing the time capsule and the Cox’s Pippin apple tree in the gardens at the school.

Oliver Harkness, who joins the School, will be leading the Ecology programme with his Class 4 group (mainstream Year 5) which will cover the four main areas of Ecology – the Organism, Population, Community and Eco-system. It will also include the creation of an Eco-Garden which will favour the application of cultural methods and the use of alternative or biocontrol solutions; the methods of controlling pests such as weeds, plant diseases and insects by using other organisms. There are also plans to install a Wind Generator on the School site which will give pupils a practical and proactive opportunity to learn about renewable, sustainable energy.

Commenting on the Ecology syllabus, Oliver said: “The creation of an Eco-Garden at the School will give the pupils a hands-on, close up experience of the different interactions that take place between the various living elements of the garden, like soil, plants and water. The garden will also encourage the presence of living essentials that we consider useful, such as Garden Allies. The Garden Allies help regulate things that we consider to be harmful like Aphids such as Greenfly and Blackfly.

“The installation of a Wind Generator will also enhance the pupil’s learning experience by physically demonstrating just how the wind is a free, renewable energy source.”

The School is also looking at developing business partnerships to support its efforts to contribute towards reducing waste and effect positive attitudes towards climate change. One of these new relationships is with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste.

Hazel Leonard is the lead on the new Global Citizenship programme. This unique course will see the School work towards its Plastic Free Promise, introducing a Recycling Area and other initiatives to give pupils the opportunity to embrace and understand Climate Change.

Commenting on the new programme Hazel said: “As part of the Global Citizenship curriculum, we will be initiating a variety of recycling and green initiatives. This includes our Plastic Free Promise and our registration with TerraCycle to recycle all type of crisp packets.

“Once collected from the recycling point at the School, the packets will be washed, shredded and then turned into plastic pellets that are used to make everyday items such as outdoor furniture, roofing, and flooring.”

Damian added: “We are also delighted that Lu Biannchi will be joining the Schools Faculty as Kindergarten Teacher, Ali Cardone-Noot as Kindergarten Assistant and Gabrielle Baggio as Early Years Individual Needs Assistant. We have also recruited into the role of Woodwork Teacher and Marcia Mello will be taking up that position delivering the subject to Classes 5 through 10, which is a welcome re-introduction onto our curriculum offer.

“Tom Smith also joins the School as our new Science Teacher, working with Classes 8, 9 and 10 which will broaden the breadth of Science across our Curriculum with the intention of delivering more GCSEs in Science for the academic year 2020.”

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