New integrated body to run Sussex Cricket

This week saw the confirmation that Sussex County Cricket Club (SCCC) and Sussex Cricket Board (SCB) will merge to form one governing body Sussex Cricket Limited (SCL) as well as establishing a new charity. This decision was finalised at Special General Meetings of both existing bodies held at The County Ground on 29th October.

In addition to the to Sussex Cricket Limited announcement there was also the confirmation that a new charity, the Sussex Cricket Foundation (SCF), has been established as a wholly owned subsidiary of SCL. The SCF will manage all charitable programmes on behalf of SCL, including the responsibilities of the existing independent charity, Sussex Cricket in the Community Trust.

SCL will be responsible for the governance and development of the whole game in the County including the 245 affiliated Clubs and the professional team which will remain called Sussex County Cricket Club.  Zac Toumazi who has been the Chief Executive of both SCB and SCCC will remain as Chief Executive of SCL.

Former Sussex Captain John Barclay, Chairman of SCB, said: “This will create a clear pathway for all those who love and cherish the game, at all levels and within every community, to share in Sussex Cricket’s rich heritage and its future. From cricket in the street and playground, through recreational cricket to the ‘first-class’ game, there will be one united cricket family”.

Pictured from left to right: Luke Wright (SCCC Captain), Mark Davis (SCCC Club Coach), John Barclay (SCB Chairman), Jim May (SCCC Chairman), David Bowden (SCCC President), Zac Toumazi (SCCC/SCB Chief Executive), Tim Shutt (Head of Sussex Cricket in the Community)

Jim May, SCCC Chairman, said: “This is an historic moment in the evolution of this Club which was founded in 1839. We would like to thank everyone who has helped to bring this plan to fruition, in particular our President David Bowden. We look forward to continuing to develop cricket throughout Sussex, including our growing role of building better futures and stronger communities through the power of cricket”.

The merger has the active support of the English Cricket Board.