NEW Lottery Funded Programme For Older People in Brighton and Hove

The most recent Brighton & Hove Public Health Report identified 37,700 people across the city over the age of 65. This figure is expected to increase to 52,000+ by 2030).

Nearly a quarter of the 60+ are affected by income deprivation. Currently the majority of people aged 75 and over live with a long term health condition and over half of those over 65 find day to day activities limited, thus placing a burden on local resources and detracting from the health and wellbeing of those retirees. Only 39% of the 65+ currently achieve the recommended levels of physical activity. But it goes beyond health and is also about older people continuing to see the potential they have to contribute to their own lives and those of others.

There is a need to educate and encourage people to use free and low cost resources and to be mentally and physically active. The City is following the World Health Organisation’s age friendly city approach by encouraging opportunities and challenging stigma around ageing. We know from back to work courses we have run with unemployed people who are 50+ in Brighton that without help & guidance they find short and long term planning daunting and they lack the knowledge and confidence to make changes to their lifestyles.

In response to these challenges Work & Learning Opportunities c.i.c is launching this free programme in the autumn. Funded by The Lottery and called Your Retirement: Your Choice, it will support people on low incomes who are approaching retirement or have recently retired. It will involve a number of local organisations already active in this area.

It will:
• Encourage local people to remain active in retirement
• Raise awareness of free and low cost activities in Brighton & Hove
• Address immediate concerns about the future
• Signpost places for further help and advice
• Create a resource that other local organisations can use in future

LotteryParticipants will be able to try something new, e.g. a bread baking session with a local community bakery that offers ‘dough therapy’ and free bread for volunteers; a singing session with a local provider; a social walk. They will also have the opportunity to volunteer with a local organisation or on a subsequent delivery of the course. The programme will be supported by an interactive booklet that provides: information about the topics covered; details of local organisations; space for activities and individual notes and plans.

The first programme, lasting six weeks, starts on the 30th October.

Full details of the programme and how to book a place can be found at