New Review Of South England Fertility Clinics

A shocking one in six UK couples will struggle with infertility, and as access to NHS-funded IVF has halved over the last four years, increasing numbers have no choice but to pay for their in vitro fertilisation out of pocket.

The best clinic for you merges scientific excellence, expressed as strong success rates, with a patient-centered approach that minimises stress during a difficult time. Which fertility clinics in South East England are able to deliver both?


SteadyHealth’s guide to the best fertility clinics in South East England offers an unbiased and comprehensive starting point. Residents of South East England benefit from an extraordinarily wide choice of fertility clinics, many of which are at the cutting edge of science.

SteadyHealth’s Olivia Maloy explained: “Infertility is a disease so emotionally draining that nine in 10 people feel depressed during treatment while 42% contemplate suicide.

“At a cost that easily exceeds £5,000 per cycle, infertile couples who trust that they can count on the NHS to fund their IVF treatment are in for a further surprise. Only four Clinical Commissioning Groups offer NHS-funded IVF to eligible couples with children from a previous relationship, and South East England is not home to a single one of these most inclusive CCGs.

For those patients whose only road to parenthood is through self-funding IVF, choosing a fertility clinic becomes one of the most high-stakes decisions of their lives.”

SteadyHealth’s project ‘IVF Treatment in the UK: What is the Best Fertility Clinic Near Me?’ aims to help future patients decide. A fusion of objective governmental data, patient reviews, and the voices of fertility clinics themselves, it offers answers to patients’ most burning questions in one easily accessible location.