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The cultural revival of this forgotten art has been encouraged by a global community of health enthusiasts, artisans and experts.

This year, Brighton-based fermentation academy AlchemyFlow is hosting some of the leading lights of the fermentation movement in the west through a series of workshops and seminars called ‘Next Level Ferments’.

AlchemyFlow has organised an innovative line up of fermentation experts and fanatics, with the intention of demystifying some of the more advanced fermentation practices, such as sourdough baking, dairy ferments, koji and miso. The workshops will not only share and advance practical techniques but provide space for some interesting cultural and political perspectives on the tradition.

Sandor 2011 Head Shot reduced (002)A highlight of the programme will be a visit from Sandor Katz, dubbed one of the “unlikely rock stars of the American food scene” by The New York Times (NYT). Katz is the author of NYT bestseller The Art of Fermentation (2012) and has had an unparalleled influence on the revival of the fermentation arts in the west. He will hold a seminar and demonstration focusing on his recent excursion and investigation of fermenting in rural China at 7PM on June 19, 2017 at the zero-waste restaurant Silo on Upper Gardner Street. Brighton.

Other facilitators to take part during the summer workshops will be Annie Levy, author of the award winning blog Kitchen Counter Culture; Simon Poffley, author of Ferment, Pickle, Dry and Director of London’s The Fermentatrium and Karen Guthrie, eclectic artist, homesteader and progenitor of the travelling pop-up installation House of Ferment.

Darren Ollerton, owner of the AlchemyFlow said: “This new series of workshops is really the next level in terms of what AlchemyFlow has to offer around the fermentation arts and speaks to the future of the project in terms of developing a real curriculum around the discipline for the local community and beyond. As a major fan of Sandor Katz I’m beside myself at the notion of hosting him as part of the line up.”

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In recent years fermentation has swept contemporary food culture by storm as awareness has grown of the benefits to be gained from including this ancient preservation technique in your daily diet. In addition to opening up new realms of distinctive taste, fermentation helps to regulate one’s overall wellbeing by bolstering the gut microbiome – our resident ecology of symbiotic bacteria that promotes vibrant health in myriad ways – while also helping the body to guard against autoimmune disease and even cancer.