Pride in Bus Shelter Art

The Old Steine bus shelter directly in front of Brighton’s iconic Pavilion has had a unique and dramatic make-over in time for the city’s Pride festival.

WIP Shelter 2 -wWorld renowned artists Art+Believe – famous for bringing to life communal spaces – were commissioned by Brighton & Hove Buses to work their magic on the shelter to celebrate the city’s diversity, creativity and community spirit.

Graphic artist Daniel Doherty of Art+Believe said: “We’ve never done a bus shelter before and to have the Pavilion as a backdrop has just been amazing. It’s not a typical shelter: it’s more like a small, beautiful building with curves and shapes. It’s actually a complicated space because it can be seen from everywhere and from every viewpoint.

“We were trusted by Brighton & Hove Buses to create something really exciting and fun that encapsulated the Pride festival. We knew it needed to be dramatic and bold as something more detailed would lose impact.

“We discussed the word that would go on the front of the shelter with the company. We picked ‘together’ because it was such a positive word. It’s the opposite of apart. It’s about how little difference there is between us and it says what we were trying to achieve. It’s a very important part of the artwork.”

Dan and his wife Charlotte as well as colleague James Prideaux worked on the project over a period of a couple of weeks after evaluating the space and shape for the design and pattern.

The project has its own hashtag #pridebusstop and will be shared on social media.

Art+Believe paint large-scale bright, colourful, geometric murals to bring communal spaces to life.