Purity Fundraising Celebrate Launch

Purity Fundraising have officially celebrated their launch into the Third Sector this year. Last month fundraisers mingled with local charities, investors and the board of directors as they all joined to celebrate the birth of this unique, and as clients have stated, “much needed organisation.”

Within a relaxed and positive atmosphere, conversations sparked and flowed. Many agreed on how the depth of experience and obvious level of passion and commitment was exactly what the Third Sector needs in these shifting times.

Senior Fundraiser Vanessa Gellard said “we have real conversations with supporters, we are knowledgeable about the charities we represent, and if we sound passionate, it’s because we are.”

Passing on her heartfelt thanks to all in the room for their contributions and support given to enable Purity to be launched, Helen Mackenzie CEO spoke as a very real woman on a very real mission to transform the face, or rather the voice, of telephone fundraising.


Helen has bold and clear aspirations for Purity and the difference they can make: “Purity’s vision is to provide the highest quality fundraising services for NGO’s, with positive supporter experience being at the heart of what we do.”

Purity Fundraising’s Campaign Coach, Heather Lewis-Fallows, said “obviously, we have a weighty duty of care to our clients and take that very seriously. We believe that this begins with a genuine respect and interest in the people we speak with. Whether it’s taking a moment to update contact preferences or a much longer conversation about someone’s deeply personal reasons for support, we take the time to understand, be human and be present to every single supporter we speak with. We couldn’t fundraise in any other way!”

It’s clear to see how Purity have won the confidence of their investors as they certainly do have results worth shouting about. Purity’s team have a proven track record of achieving the best results in the sector whilst maintaining the lowest complaint rates in the UK. This is certainly no mean feat and a hard balance to strike, yet Purity has shown that this is possible.

“I get it” declared shareholder Sarah Robertson. “Helen said she had found a very special group of people and now I understand why she has such confidence in the team.” The reception of Helen’s speech showed this confidence to be mutual.

At Purity’s launch party last month, one couldn’t fail to feel part of something new, exciting and dynamic. An unmistakably genuine interest in everyone they spoke with appeared to be the shared sign of a Purity team member – as refreshing as the local craft beer we supped on the roof terrace overlooking Brighton, a town which buzzes with possibility, a natural home for this progressive new company with a heart.

Find out more at https://www.purityfundraising.com/