Reconnect Sussex With Its Dolphins!

Many businesses and individuals in Sussex feel a close connection to the sea. But few are aware of the diversity of marine wildlife, including Dolphins, under the waves or the threats to its existence, and therefore lost a connection to these incredible animals. We want to change this by creating a community of Ocean Champions in Sussex and safeguard the future of our seas.

The Brighton Dolphin Project is an initiative from Brighton-based organisation, the World Cetacean Alliance, that aims to improve awareness about the importance of local marine ecosystems and species that can be found along the Sussex coastline. We carry out pioneering studies in local populations of dolphins in Sussex, whilst also showcasing the incredible diversity of marine wildlife, and their habitats. 

Since we were launched in May 2018, we have already educated 2,300 people about marine wildlife in Sussex through school visits and attending outreach events, collected over 200 sightings of Dolphins which has identified 3 different species, and launched Wildlife Trips that will allow people to connect with nature in Sussex. 

Through the support of Crowdfunder and Cri Seren Foundation, we are raising money which will be used for the following activities:

  • Investing in equipment, such as binoculars and cameras, which will be used to look out for incredible wildlife, as part of our research programme on Dolphins in Sussex.
  • Developing educational activities to inspire and engage everyone about our amazing marine animals in Sussex, as well as allowing us to attend events in Sussex so we can strengthen our community outreach.
  • Training 12 volunteer wildlife officers to work onboard local tour boats (including to the Rampion Wind Farm), as part of our Wildlife Cruises.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as one of the winners of Projects That Matter campaign. The Brighton Dolphin Project has a unique place in the community of Sussex by inspiring communities to care about their local environment, whilst working towards carrying out activities that will safeguard the future of such a charismatic animal that everybody can recognise and relate to. All of these activities will allow us to reconnect Sussex with its Dolphins”. Simon McPherson – Brighton Dolphin Project 

If you would like to find out more about the Brighton Dolphin Project, and how you can get involved with our pioneering activities that will create a better future for the seas of Sussex, and it’s incredible wildlife, please visit our website:,

We all have a choice about whether dolphins retain their rightful place in the ocean, but without significant change now, we could see them go the way of now-endangered species, including Elephants and Tigers. 

This is far from a hopeless situation. Together, we can continue to reconnect Sussex with its dolphins, create a community of Ocean Champions, and safeguard the future of our coastline in Sussex. So please support the Brighton Dolphin Project by supporting our campaign.