Resource Available To Support Working Carers In Brighton And Hove


1 in 9 employees in Brighton and Hove are carers, many are ‘hidden’ working carers, struggling to balance being productive at work with their caring responsibilities at home, but not feeling they can approach their colleagues and employer.

Working carers have statutory rights, such as the right to time off in emergencies and requesting flexible working after a certain time period. Many companies also offer contractual rights, laid out in their own Carer’s policy, which may focus around short notice time off and flexibility.

Companies have a vested interest to support their working carers, as loss of staff and the resources involved in replacing them have a huge financial impact alongside loss of skills.

A key way a company can support their working carers is to adopt an understanding attitude and to encourage conversation, enabling staff to find out what support is available both through the company, and outside.

Employers for Carers ( have created some fantastic resources to help both companies and working carers, including e-learning modules, employment guides for HR and line managers, support for carers around balancing work and caring.

Brighton and Hove City Council and the Carers Centre are offer local companies (with less than 250 employees) FREE MEMBERSHIP to Employers for Carers resources.

Make a pledge to help your employees today – even if it’s simply completing some online learning, or popping a poster up at work.

For more information and to access these resources, please contact Charly Snell at the Carers Centre,