Sail Boat Project Launches Impact Report on Community Sailing Fund Activities

The Sail Boat Project is offering companies and individual donors the opportunity to support its 2019 Community Sailing Fund. This exists for people from community groups in Sussex to access sailing activities that improve health and wellbeing.

In 2018 they worked with 61 participants from 9 local groups, including people living with dementia, recovering from addiction, local schools and youth groups and blind veterans.

Launching the Impact Report, Sail Boat Project member Dhara Thompson said: “We have seen just how much people can benefit from time on the water. Sailing offers a sense of achievement and builds self confidence. Those taking part report improvement in positive feelings and a stronger sense of being part of a group. There is now good evidence, known as ‘blue health’, that being on or near water can have a significant impact on putting our minds and bodies at ease.”

“Seeing where I live from a different perspective, the sea, helped give me a different perspective on my life,” said one participant quoted in the Impact Report.

Sailing Project2

In 2019 the Sail Boat Project wants to build on this success and expand the opportunities available to Sussex community groups and is inviting businesses to partner with us.

In return we can offer some great rewards, such as company away days or team building activities onboard, sampling our Portuguese sail cargo wine and olive products! Or promotional opportunities for clients and customers in unique settings on our training vessels.

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