Sensible Centrist Song Questions Political Parties Centre Policy Before Election

Brighton-based We Are Not Saints, the UK’s first record label supporting artists recovering from addiction, is excited to launch its second release from artist Callum Johnstone which takes awry look at the state of the UK political parties before the December 2019 General Election and strikes a satirical tone with regards to certain claims such as ‘Jeremy Corbyn turning the UK into Venezuela.’

The new single released on Tuesday 3 December is called Sensible Centrist features local legend 81-year-old Herbie Flowers on tuba and also gives mention to Farage, Swinson and questions the idea that the Coalition ‘had no choice but to implement austerity.’

Talking about his new release, Callum said: “Sensible Centrist is a light-hearted observation of the fractured British political landscape. There seems to be many tribes in British politics these days, and I became increasingly fascinated by what was going on after far too many hours spent staring at Twitter!

“I found myself asking: Where is the ‘centre’ in Britain today? What does it stand for? What does it represent? Is the centre where it used to be? No matter how I tried to pin it down with these questions, the centre always seemed to evaporate.

“In many ways, I think the rise of the Sensible Centrist represents a deep nostalgia for a bygone era and signifies how much Britain has changed in recent years.  The Blair years seem distant now, as the new tribes of British politics vie for possession,” said Callum.

In this song Callum has the rallying cry “Oh Tony why did you have to go? Please, please return from your After Dinner Speaking tour” offering a playful take on the idea that the centre-ground is under-represented. 

With the General Election 2019 looming Callum feels it is important to look at the policies, the principles and the ideals that are being fought for, not just the personalities. He feels a sense of concern that, in the longing for an ongoing search for the centre-ground of old, many people may vote in a way that, in the end, leads to consequences they we may regret.

“I just had to write something,” Callum ended. “And I just wanted to have a bit of fun amidst all this madness!”

The Sensible Centrist is out now and to view the video and download the track go to