Skipper Tackles MS by Organising Flotilla Sailing Challenge

In May 2017, Brighton based skipper Robert Munns is taking 65 adults with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from 15 countries on a sailing challenge, which he has created, in Croatia for one week. Why? Well as someone with MS himself, he wants to give people the same life affirming experience which he had whilst sailing with Sailing Sclerosis on ‪the yacht, appropriately named Oceans of Hope.

The Oceans of Hope Challenge Robert Munns (2)in May will be a flotilla of ten sailing boats. Its key aim is to bring people together whose lives are touched by MS. The week-long adventure gives participants the opportunity to challenge themselves making the impossible – possible, whilst working together for a common goal, ‘hope and meaning’. On a flotilla sailing challenge, each person has the chance to take command of the boat and their lives and everyone has a valuable part to play, as well as contributing to an enjoyable life at sea.

“My MS diagnosis in 2008 was life changing because it is such a vicious illness with no cure ” explained Robert, “but by creating a sailing adventure I realised that I could help to change the perception of multiple sclerosis by showing others that there is life after diagnosis. It is possible that in just one week, people with a chronic disease can be empowered to conquer their individual challenges”.

“I want to tell the world that disability can be changed to ability, that people diagnosed with MS should not stop trying to improve their lives. The Oceans of Hope Challenge wants to create quality of life and value. We will show everyone that we live our lives to the fullest and that dreams can once again come true, despite having a serious disease. We’ll be saying, “Yes, we can still do it!”

The inaugural Oceans of Hope Challenge in 2016 was a huge success and the 2017 Challenge is already fully subscribed. So, Robert is now working on a series of challenges for 2018. To do all of this he is looking for more volunteer support and the un-enviable task of raising £30,000 to make it happen.

If you would like to “Come on Board” Oceans of Hope and become a corporate supporter then please email Robert on –

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Everyone with MS should experience Oceans of Hope. It’s where special memories are gained”, Nick Jarvis 2016 Oceans of Hope Challenge 2016