Social Enterprises urged to “call for a ceasefire”


On 8 January 2016, hundreds of thousands of micro business owners will be giving 8 minutes (or more) of their time to help other micro business owners somewhere in the world. Micro Biz Matters Day front cover

The annual, global #MicroBizMattersDay, where enterprise owners with less then 10 employees give at least eight minutes to help another, takes place on January 8 next year and its organisers want more businesses to be involved.

In the UK alone, the ONS have announced, there are a record 5.2 million micro businesses, 96% of all, with 4.1 million having no employees. This is a growth of 900,000 micro businesses in the last five years. The co-founders of #MicroBizMattersDay, Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE, have called for a day of “collaboration not competition”.

Tina Boden said: It is a day of Recognition, Action and Learning with over one million micro business owners helping each other on the day. Like this year there will be 8 hours of live broadcasting and streaming and we have over 60 fabulous – famous and not so famous – business owner guests joining us.

It is a great day but it will be so much greater if the major on-line and off-line business membership organisations and large corporations with micro business customers can put aside their rivalries for just one day and promote it as beneficial for all.

Fabulous friends of #MicroBizMattersDay like Penny Power OBE, Tim Campbell MBE and the world’s most famous, millionaire plumber, Charlie Mullins OBE are all giving their time free to help the day. So, let your customers and members benefit from their advice.”

Enterprises who take part in #MicroBizMatters day upload an 8 minute video featuring helpful insights and then made freely available for micro business owners everywhere to access. At the end of the video businesses can provide a ‘call to action’ with links and details of their company; however the contents of the video must not be an advert for a business. #MicroBizMattersDay is the worldwide call to fill the gaps in policy and support and business owners are asked to choose actions to take in 9 minutes in one of the 3 hash tagged categories of #Customers, #Cashflow or #Chat. Whilst everyone can choose their own actions to help fellow business owners get more customers and improve cashflow, to find examples of possible and useful actions; visit the website.

Tony Robinson OBE with Tim Campbell MBE from BBC's The Apprentice
Tony Robinson OBE with Tim Campbell MBE from BBC’s The Apprentice

Tony Robinson OBE added: “Since we launched the global Enterprise Rockers movement in January 2012 and #MicroBizMattersDay in October 2014 we have made it clear that we’re not a membership organisation, we’re not selling anything to micro enterprise owners and we don’t collect contact details. We’re completely independent of Governments, our supporters and sponsors. Tina and I fund everything for the day to day running from our own businesses. We have four global campaigns of which the most important are #PayIn30Days and #Indie25ER and we have only one aim which is to build the #PowerOfPlenty through global #MicroBizMattersDay to make business life better for the 95% of businesses that are micro.

Please follow the lead of organisations like Fujitsu, Sage and Aldermore Bank who back the concept of collaboration and the values behind #MicroBizMattersDay. Please promote it to your customers. Follow the lead of our PR Partner – JournoLink, our Media Partner – Start Your Business Magazine and our Studios/Venue Partner – Portobello Business Centre and be willing to collaborate with your competition for just this one day in the year. Follow the lead of Business Zone, IAB, Kaal Network, North Notts BC and hundreds of other membership organisations and allow your members and subscribers to benefit from the recognition, action and learning available, free to all, on the Day.”

More details are available at where a #RockingSupporters brochure for #MicroBizMattersDay Jan 8 2016 can be downloaded or email