Stop The Cuts – Join The March

This Saturday, TDC will be marching in protest at proposed cuts to Brighton & Hove’s Youth Services.

Starting at 1pm, they will march from the Old Steine war memorial, via the clock tower to Brighton Station.

They will be joining their partners and many other organisations from across the city to protest against the £800,000 of cuts to the youth services proposed by Brighton & Hove city council late last year. These cuts would affect vital services and have a devastating impact on young people all over the city.

Please join them and send a clear message to the council to Protect Youth Services.

What else can YOU do…?

Sign the petition: Over 1,700 have signed a petition to tell the council “Don’t cut the youth services funding!”
Click or Tap here to sign.Stop The Cuts

The petition was set up by Sky Thomas, a local young woman, and will be delivered to Brighton & Hove city council.

Spread the word: Please use the hashtag #protectyouthservices to tell people about the cuts and the impact they would have on you and your community.

Join the facebook page and event and follow @PYScampaign on twitter to talk about the campaign.

Read more: Adam Muirhead, Youth Project Manager for TDC has written about some of the issues young people face at the moment, why youth funding is important, and what would happen if funding was lost.

Please read his piece on how “Cutting youth services now will cost the city more in the future”.