Streamline & Brighton & Hove Buses team up to help disabled people get around the city

A scheme launched by Brighton & Hove Buses to make travel easier for disabled passengers – or any passengers requiring extra assistance – has been adopted citywide by the main local taxi firm Streamline.

The ‘Helping Hand’ scheme assists passengers who may be wheelchair users, pregnant or elderly, for example, by providing a customised pocket-sized card with a simple message that can be shown discreetly to the driver. Messages include ‘lower the ramp’, ‘wait until seated’ or ‘please assist as required’.

Brighton and Hove Buses, Accessability, Streamline Taxis, 2015
Brighton and Hove Buses, Accessability, Streamline Taxis, 2015

Brighton & Hove Streamline Chairman Dave Smith said: “We are delighted to have joined the Helping Hand scheme with the ‘please assist as required’ card. The scheme is very popular in the city and will be of great help to our customers”.

‘Helping Hand’ was launched last year by Brighton and Hove Buses as another initiative in the company’s programme to provide accessible travel throughout the city. 

Brighton & Hove Buses Managing Director Martin Harris said: “Helping Hand has been extremely successful with over three thousands cards in circulation in the city. It’s also supported by the local council and other bus operators.”

Geraint Evans Head of Mobility Services for Guide Dogs said: “The work the bus company carries out to make travel accessible for visually impaired people is very important. We need to ensure it is safe, friendly and the considerations of disabled people should be high on the agenda.

“Brighton & Hove Bus Company’s approach is very inclusive and engaging, and they really do make a genuine effort to listen to their customers and the organisations who support them”.

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