Students and Teachers Celebrate 40 Years of Teaching Aikido

The students and teachers of Brighton Ki Society are holding two free taster sessions of Ki and Aikido as well as finishing by giving a demonstration of Ki and Aikido on Saturday 21st October to also celebrate Bob MacFarland Sensei’s 40th Year of teaching Aikido in Brighton.

Bob MacFarland Sensei has for the last year 40 years been teaching regularly three classes a week in Brighton on a voluntary basis. It is his hope that both his current students and also as many of his past students do join us by participating in these celebratory free Taster Sessions.

He began his early practice 50 years ago in the late 60’s with the old pioneers of Traditional Aikido in the UK Sensei’s – Henry Ellis, Hayden Foster and then later Ki Style with the main Ki Aikido Chief Instructors of the UK – Kenneth Williams Sensei, Kenjiro Yoshigasaki Sensei and Calvin Tabata Sensei. In addition to his initial grounding in traditional aikido and as a result of his continued practice within the main stream Ki Society HQ (Japan) school for over 36 years Bob MacFarland Sensei has a wealth of knowledge and insights of which to pass on based mainly upon Koichi Tohei’s teachings.

All are most welcome to participate.

The following First Free Taster Session Ki (Unification of Mind and Body) at 13:30 to 15:00 pm and the Second Free Taster Session Aikido (Way of Harmony) at 15:00 to 17:00 pm plus Ki and Aikido Demonstration at 17:00 to 17:30.

Address: Brighton Ki Centre, 12 Queen Square. Brighton.

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