Super Yacht Ball Supports Oceans of Hope UK

Oceans of Hope 2 (2)Newly formed charity Oceans of Hope UK were delighted to be chosen as recipients of funds raised from the fifth ‘Superyacht Charity Foundation Black Tie ball’ held at St Mary’s Football Stadium in Southampton on Saturday 23 March 2019.

The ball was attended by over 500 industry related colleagues who helped to raise £66,000 through sponsorship, seat bookings, a raffle and auction.

SYC Ball March 2019 v2Oceans of Hope UK will share the proceeds with three other sailing-based charities. It is their biggest and most generous donation since launching the charity in October 2018, and the money will be used to offer more adults living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) the life affirming experience of sailing in the warm waters of either Croatia, Turkey or New Zealand, via their Oceans of Hope Challenge events.

Robert Munns – Founder of Oceans of Hope Challenge UK said “this is a very exciting moment in the history of Oceans of Hope UK. Our first donation is a real game-changer in enabling us to help even more people living with MS, spreading the word and helping them to literally climb on board the Oceans of Hope. We are so grateful to the team behind the The Superyacht Charities Foundation.”

The Superyacht Charities (SYC) is a group of five friends that work in various occupations within the Superyacht industry. Active since 2012, due to success and growth, they have now formalised their charity efforts to create the Superyacht Charities Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to promote and assist in the SYC ball logo cropraising of funds for charities that superyacht professionals both participate and donate to.

Robert added – “I want to tell the world that disability can be changed to ability, that people diagnosed with MS should not stop trying to improve their lives. Oceans of Hope UK wants to create quality of life and value. We will show everyone that we live our lives to the fullest and that dreams can once again come true, despite having a serious disease. We’ll be saying, “Yes, we can still do it!”

If you would like to come on board a challenge with Oceans of Hope UK or if you know of anyone with MS that would benefit please get in touch

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