Support Switchboard’s Older LGBTQ Project!

Help us combat loneliness and isolation in older LGBTQ people by providing a sense of community through regular social activities.

Switchboard’s Older LGBTQ Projecthas been providing support, information and community to over 300 older LGBTQ people in Brighton and Hove for the last four years. We aim to ensure that Older LGBTQ people live happier, healthier and independent lives free from prejudice and discrimination. By donating to our Crowdfunder you will enable us to continue to support Older LGBTQ people in Brighton and Hove by providing us with essential funds to support our members.

We know that there is a real need for our project – older LGBTQ people report high levels of loneliness and lack of social and community engagement. One of the most important parts of our project is building community and breaking isolation by bringing people together at our three monthly drop-ins, and linking people to befriending services who we recruit LGBTQ befrienders for.

Research shows older LGBTQ people are more likely to live alone and less likely to have family support, partners and children to care for them as they age and help them stay connected to others. Switchboard’s Older LGBTQ group enables people to be supported and connected in times of difficulty like bereavement and diminishing mental, physical health or memory loss. Recently a member of our group attended a drop-in following a bereavement. After one such meeting they said, “I felt really suicidal when I came to the last group. I didn’t really care if I got knocked over by a bus. But somehow by the end of the session I felt better, and I even had a laugh about something. I’m glad you’re here, I know I will see a friendly face who I can talk to.”

Helen Bashford, our Older LGBTQ Project Development Worker, says “our groups provide a lifeline for many people, frequently people contact us because they’ve lost touch with other LGBTQ people over the years. Often their first question is “where do I go to meet others like us?” Our project provides a safe space to meet other LGBTQ people and many friendships have developed outside the group”.

By donating you will help us to break the isolation and loneliness many LGBTQ face, bringing them together to do something fun, relaxing and inspiring. 

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