Sussex Business People Urged To Connect Through Cooking

kitchen‘Log off and connect with your colleagues through cooking!’ That’s the message from Brighton & Hove Community Kitchen which has launched its first menu of workshops aimed at the city’s business people.

The Kitchen, a social enterprise which launched this May, has already found a place in the heart of Brighton and Hove’s vibrant culinary and community life, running dozens of fun cooking courses, from sushi-rolling to bread baking and fermentation to pasta making. The new space also has an ideal location right on Queens Road, halfway between the Clocktower and Brighton station.

Now the Kitchen team is turning its attention to the business world.

Jess Crocker, Senior Manager at Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, which runs the Kitchen, said: “Cooking is an amazing way to get to know your team better and build team spirit. Not everyone wants to go abseiling or paint balling – but everyone loves to eat! Especially with the Christmas season approaching, this is the perfect chance to try something different with your team.

 “We firmly believe that the ingredients that have made the Kitchen such a success with individuals and social and community groups can also work their magic on local businesses – a chance to have fun but also give back to the community by choosing the Community Kitchen.”

Team-building workshops

Brighton & Hove Community Kitchen is a fully-fitted professional teaching kitchen which has attracted the support of some of the city’s top restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs, including the people behind Silo, 64 Degrees, the Real Patisserie, Sugardough Bakery and Indian Summer.

The new Connect Through Cooking initiative sees the Kitchen team offering a range of team-building workshops, including competitive ‘Bake-Off’ style sessions, seasonal specials including Make your Own Christmas Dinner, mince pie or biscuit making as well as ‘pick-and-cook’ events. The team can even bespoke sessions to individual team’s needs throughout the annual events calendar or to celebrate business success.

Every team-building workshop will help to support community cookery courses run in the Kitchen for people who can really benefit from them, including people with learning disabilities and those on low incomes.  

Jess said: “Food is proven to be a brilliant way to bring people together and cooking is a force for positive change in people lives. Businesses that connect through cooking in the Community Kitchen will be helping other people to connect through cooking too.”

She added: “And for business people who want to Connect through Cooking but remain connected to their businesses, be assured that our Kitchen has free Wi-Fi too!”

To find out more about the Community Kitchen’s Connect Through Cooking workshops, download the Connect Through Cooking brochure at