Teen-Run Production Company To Help Device-Addicted Teens


New Brighton-based video production company ‘Make (Good) Trouble’ is targeting teenage issues with a difference.  They are putting the teens in charge.  They are looking for local parents to get involved in their first exciting new campaign to empower girls: Brighton5. 

Brighton5 will bring teens together to create and produce video content for local schools and colleges. Teens will learn skills in production, animation and music. They will work in teams, building relationships, and with expert mentors to gain a positive understanding of issues that affect their mental health, such as device addiction and negative body image, which can sometimes result in self-harm. 

Brighton5 is led by three local business women, Daisy Cresswell, Tayler Cresswell and Jane Keating, who have a background in television and social media production. Their impetus was the seeming disconnect between parents and their teens – the social media generation. Mental health problems and self-harm are on the increase, particularly in teenage girls, with research showing that 1 in 4 girls suffer from depression before they hit 14. The digital environment is changing fast. Make (Good) Trouble productions wants to turn the problem on its head and make tech positive and dynamic. They want teenagers to tackle the issues early before problems with mental health arise.

They are looking for local parents who sometimes find it difficult to communicate with their own daughters and want to make a change and share experiences with other like-minded parents. By getting involved, parents and carers will be helping the Brighton5 project move forward to help improve the lives of teenage girls. 

Brighton5 currently has a TV show in development which will showcase the teens’ journeys, plus a radio show and podcast, to be broadcast with media partner RadioReverb, featuring parents and experts who are directly affected by the issues their teenagers face.

Working alongside The Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, local secondary schools and Sussex Police, Brighton5 will create dynamic, fun and creative content and most importantly give our teenage girls a voice. Brighton5 will act as a template, to be rolled out through schools and colleges nationally. 

Brighton5 founder, Daisy Cresswell said today: We are totally committed to creating a great big positive space for Brighton’s teens to create, build, learn and feel safe in. One where they have a voice and a say in what happens. This isn’t our company, it’s theirs. Brighton5 needs proactive parents to get involved to encourage conversations between generations, especially between parents and teenagers, so together they can make good trouble!”

Sharon Collett, Principal of the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, said:GBMet is honoured to work in partnership with Brighton5. There is complete synergy in our values and a real understanding that together we can positively impact on the wellbeing of the young people in our care. We are so excited to be part of an innovative approach and with the passion and enthusiasm of Daisy and Tayler driving us forward we are confident that we can make a difference.”

Parents who are interested in this project can get involved by visiting the Brighton5 website at www.brighton5.com.