Teens Celebrate ‘HallowTeen’ With Spooky Makeovers To Raise Awareness Of Teen Issues

btn5Teenagers involved in the Brighton based youth project Brighton5 are holding Halloween celebrations with a difference. Their spooky ‘HallowTeen’ makeovers are raising awareness of the issues teenagers currently face regarding body image. 

Brighton5 is a teen-led video production company that is giving teenagers the tools to combat the issues they face. As part of the Brighton5 project, the teenagers create video content to empower themselves and educate others.

In Brighton5’s ‘HallowTeen’ videos, the teens make each other over with spooky themed make-up to challenge body image anxiety. They are turning the traditional ‘make up tutorial’ on its head by using make-up creatively and shrugging off the pressure to look like supermodels. This is much needed as research shows that almost two-thirds of girls in the UK have low self-esteem about their bodies.

Chloe, one of the girls taking part in Brighton5’s ‘HallowTeen’ make-overs said: “Halloween is a chance to dress up how you want and be who you want be, and not be judged. You can totally experiment with different looks and have fun.”

“Brighton5 has helped me a lot so far, it’s got me to open up about things I have never talked about so it’s a really good thing.”

“I can’t wait to start creating films for schools to help teens with mental health issues because the younger kids really need this.”

Another Brighton5 member Biba said, “I love Halloween! And I love filming. I have really enjoyed myself today!”.

Brighton5’s Crowdfunder launched on 10 October to raise awareness of World Mental Health day and is raising funds to create a series of videos that get teens together to tackle mental health issues. The project is looking for the financial support of local parents who are concerned about their own teenagers.

A selection of exciting rewards are on offer for those who donate, including a video thank you message from the Brighton5 teens, VIP tickets to the screening of the films, and even a behind the scenes experience on a shoot.

To support Brighton5’s Crowdfunder visit: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/brighton5