Three-Weekly Overeaters Anonymous Hove Beach Meetings

Every Mon-Wed-Fri, Hove Lagoon

Members of the community who are suffering from compulsive food behaviors: i.e. bulimia, overeating, bingeing, starving, anorexia, etc. have a new outlet for their support and recovery. They are invited to new, weekly meetings of Overeaters Anonymous held on our beautiful beach, that are absolutely FREE- no cost. 

Starting Wednesday, May 29, 2019, members of our community can attend an hour meeting from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. These meeting will take place directly on the beach; enter at Hove Lagoon Skate Park – Big Beach Cafe- head left to the amphitheater style seating.

There is also a private Facebook Group: OA Hove Meetings, where members of the public can find out more information.

According to the NHS;

  • In 2016/17, there were 617 thousand admissions in NHS hospitals where obesity was a factor1. This is an increase of 18 per cent on 2015/16.
  • In 2016, 26 per cent of adults were classified as obese. This has increased from 15 per cent in 1993 but has remained at a similar level since 2010.
  • In 2016/17, 1 in 5 children in Year 6 and 1 in 10 children in Reception were classified as obese.

However, not all people who suffer from compulsive food behaviors are obese. In fact, many people successfully hide their problems with food, as illustrated in this recent BBC article: ‘It was like I had to control a monster inside me that wanted to eat everything’. Just what happens at a support group for compulsive eaters’:

OA Offers

  • Acceptance of ourselves as we are now, as we were, and as who we may become.
  • Understanding of the problems we face now and almost certainly share with others in the group.
  • Communication as a natural result of shared experience. Because we identify with one an- other and understand and accept each other, we communicate from the heart.
  • Recovery from our illness and help toward a new self-acceptance and self-understanding.
  • Power through acceptance and understanding of oneself, practice of our Twelve-Step recovery program, belief in a power greater than oneself, and the support and companionship of the group. These are the means through which a door is opened to a new way of life.