Towels and Underwear Required at Day Centre for Homeless People

Brighton Housing Trust’s (BHT’s) First Base Day Centre is appealing for donations of towels, boxers and socks.

First Base helps homeless men and women in Brighton and Hove by providing food, showers, clean and dry clothes, and support to get off the streets.

To continue to provide shower facilities and clothes to rough sleepers, First Base is in need of towels, boxers and socks. 

Debbie Piper, Deputy Manager at First Base, explained: “Something as basic as a shower, that we may take for granted, helps people who rely on First Base to stay clean and healthy. Your donation will make a difference to both the physical and mental wellbeing of our clients.”

Items can either be purchased from our Amazon Wish List: or dropped off at

First Base Day Centre
St. Stephen’s Hall,
Montpelier Place,
BN1 3BF,

Or at their head office at 144 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4PH.