Unique Show for People Living with HIV Launches on Radio Reverb

Radio Reverb is pleased to announce the launch of The HIV Happy Hour, a new show by and for people living with HIV and the first of its kind in the UK dedicated to listeners who are HIV-positive.

The show is presented by the author of HIV Happy, Paul Thorn. Radio Reverb has received an award from The Rainbow Fund to broadcast the HIV Happy Hour for a whole year. 

Paul Thorn, Author of HIV Happy & Presenter of the HIV Happy Hour
Paul Thorn, Author of HIV Happy & Presenter of the HIV Happy Hour

In an exclusive interview with Patrick Strudwick of BuzzFeed, Paul said; ““A lot of HIV-positive people hold negative opinions about themselves – there’s a lot of internalised stigma – so the programme will try and challenge that. The name of the show appealed to my sense of humour, but also it refers to the fact that there was a time when the goal for HIV-positive people was simply survival. Now that goal is about grasping the second chance in life and being happy.”

The upbeat magazine-style programme, in the mould of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, will mix serious health-related discussions with lifestyle features, music and expert guests. The show will provide a platform to provide information for people living with the virus and they will play a major role in output and direction of the show.

You can tune into the show on Radio Reverb 97.2fm, on digital radio, streaming worldwide via Radio Reverb’s website www.radioreverb.com and podcasting via iTunes and Podomatic.