Whitehawk Community Come’s Together To Achieve Personal Ambitions


People in the Whitehawk community are coming together at a free ‘Ambition Ignition’ event run by Ambigo to support each other’s personal ambitions, ideas or dreams. People of all ages and backgrounds will be sharing info, contacts, advice and other support at this fun and friendly community networking event.

From “I’d like to get more childcare support” to “I want to find out how I can have my own boat” to “I’d like to write a novel”, people in Whitehawk are telling us they have dreams and ideas, but don’t know how to make them a reality. Using the power of collective knowledge and community generosity, people from across Brighton & Hove are gathering in Whitehawk to listen, share and support each other to get closer to what they each really want to achieve.

Ambigo CIC is a new not-for-profit organisation that’s growing fast. It hosts events that uses the power of community to bring diverse groups of people together to support individuals towards greater personal fulfilment and to strengthen community cohesion.

Nathan from Brighton said “I was so surprised to see so many people had perfectly relevant skills or contacts for what I needed…its given me a massive confidence boost.”

Sarah from Hove said “I’ve met so many lovely people…I’m going to leave here with a full heart.”

Iain Chambers, general manager of The Bevendean Cooperative Pub, said “This is successful because the organisers understand ambition has its own merit whether modest or grand.”

For more information, visit the website. Ambigo founder, Adam Bates, and other team members are available for interview and reporters would be most welcome to come join in the fun. Please confirm attendance in advance.

‘Ambition Ignition’

12:30, Mon 18th June

Roundabout Children’s Centre, Whitehawk, Brighton

Find out more: www.ambigo.co.uk