Women Of Hastings To Produce Booklet About Marianne North

exploring MN

An 8-month programme called ‘Exploring Marianne North’ includes the development of a colour booklet about Hasting’s born explorer, artist and botanist Marianne North. 

Teri Sayers-Cooper, Project Director at the Sussex-based company Creative Force, is leading the initiative.  She says “An extraordinary woman, Marianne North broke many of the taboos for a Victorian woman whilst combining her passion for plants and oil painting during her intrepid travels across the globe.  As a role model with a fascinating life, we want to involve local women to learn more about this amazing adventurer and to help research for and produce our Exploring Marianne North booklet..

“Creative Force is delivering a series of presentations and workshops for women. Participants attending the presentations will be invited to join a series of four creative workshops to research Marianne further and help define content for the 20-page booklet with the Exploring Marianne North project graphic designer, local artist Kristina Alexander.”

One of the presentations, at Sussex Coast College, will be open to the public. It will be on 4th June from 10.30am to 12.00pm. Described as being ‘ a dip your toe in account of Marianne North’ the presentations will take a concise look at her extraordinary life and works.

Presentations are also being held across Hastings to women’s groups including a coffee group, art students, and parents and carers of students at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. Creative Force is working closely with the school, which sits next to Marianne House, formerly Hastings Lodge where Marianne North was born in 1830.

For up to 20 participants, the workshops for the booklet design will be on Wednesday afternoons from 20th June to 11th July at the School.  The free booklet will be made available to the public for a series of Exploring Marianne North events taking place in September.

Participants must book to attend the public event and for the workshops by contacting Creative Force on 07432 678228 or by email: info@mariannenorth.uk.

The project has been made possible through funding awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with money raised by National Lottery players.

For more information about the project visit www.creativeforce.org.uk