Worthing Hospice St Barnabas House Seeking Volunteer Drivers

Worthing hospice, St Barnabas House, is holding a volunteer driver recruitment open morning on Tuesday 9 January 2018 from 10am to 12pm. The hospice is looking for friendly people to assist patients and provide a safe, comfortable drive to and from the hospice.

Jacqueline visits the St Barnabas Day Hospice on a weekly basis and relies on a volunteer driver to be able to travel to the hospice. It would not be possible for Jacqueline and many other patients to access this service without the valuable time that our volunteer drivers give to St Barnabas House.

Paul Minter (Volunteer driver)

Jacqueline said, “I live a half an hour’s drive away from St Barnabas and, without the drivers, I wouldn’t be able to get there, so I do appreciate their help. I have a good old chat with them on the way to and from the hospice – they’re very friendly!  You wouldn’t understand how important it can be for someone like me. I can’t get to the hospice myself and I really appreciate the help and how they’re always so friendly. It’s just wonderful.”

One of our volunteer drivers, Paul, has only positive things to say about his role at St Barnabas House. “It’s very rewarding, it’s not particularly demanding on your time and, above all, you can see how much it means to the people that you’re doing the driving for. The more people that can volunteer and offer services free of charge just helps the charity do more work.”

St Barnabas House is looking for people with excellent communication skills and the ability to empathise with patients. Volunteer drivers are required to have a valid driving licence and a suitable vehicle to provide passenger transport.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer driver for St Barnabas House please drop in on Tuesday 9 January 2018. Alternatively, you can contact our Voluntary Services Team on 01903 706315 or volunteers@stbh.org.uk, or visit our website www.stbh.org.uk/volunteerdrivers

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