Youth Services Suffer Major Cuts

By Karishma Booluck

Brighton and Hove City Council have revealed where the £21 million cuts will be taken from in 2017/18 budget. The children’s centres, adult social care and youth services will feel the heavy cuts the most. The city council is looking to scrap the three-year contract which provides support and services to some of the most vulnerable youths in and around the city.

Eleven voluntary organisations, which include eight organisations who work together as the Brighton and Hove Youth CollectiveYouth Collective logo, are proposed to be cut by approximately £450,000. The Collective currently runs from council funding and works with more than 3000 vulnerable young people, it provides a safe space for young people to build the right foundations for adult life.

The Youth Collective services provide support to a number of young people especially those who may be falling into isolation and exclusions, or suffering from poverty and mental health, they also offer support for teenage pregnancy and sexual health. The cuts could see the end of many services, clubs and events in the city. It has already been revealed the city’s PlayBus, the mobile children’s play service, has been axed to save money for the coming budget.

The Brighton and Hove City Council will receive £11 million less than it did last year in the 2017/18 budget. There is a major rise in costs and rapidly decreasing government grants being given to local councils, and this could prove to be costly long term for not only the youth services but have a detrimental impact on other services around the city.